Mastering Artificial Intelligence Strategy – Navigating the Future of Business Empowered and Transformed by Intelligent Machines


An Introduction to Intelligent Software and the impacts its having on our personal and professional lives


Learn the key aspects of working as a data scientist, including how teams are organised and the typical project process.


The Essential Skills for Working With Artificial Intelligence


Heading towards an AI Ice Age



“Executive AI Handbook” – The world is changing at an exponential rate and the global pandemic in 2020 accelerated digital transformation and need for automation, data analytics and predictive algorithms within many different industries. Applications, and more importantly, acceptance of AI dramatically increased over the last few years.

This now puts increased pressure on business leaders to start the adoption of AI within their own companies or risk the advantage going to their competitors. The pressure is not only coming from competitors, but client expectations are increasing as they see what is possible with these cutting-edge technologies.

But the technology landscape for AI is complex, full of different vendors, platforms, tools, applications and frameworks, hundreds, and hundreds of alternatives and options, with more new capabilities being developed every month. How does any business leader keep up to date and able to make informed decisions on what to use. This can often lead to inertia, with many unable to prioritise AI adoption due to the fear of the unknown.

This book will help you navigate these challenges, so you feel more comfortable starting the AI adoption journey. Specifically for business leaders working in large national or international corporations.

a Data

A Beginner’s Guide

“Becoming a Data Scientist: A Beginner’s Guide” provides an introduction to the field of data science. Written for beginners who are new the subject, this book covers the essential concepts, tools, and techniques that are needed to get started in data science. From programming and data exploration to machine learning and advanced topics, this book provides a broad overview of the field and helps readers understand what it takes to become a data scientist.

Written for a non-technical audience, it covers topics at a high-level to give a basic foundation of understanding rather than in-depth technical knowledge.

Now in its Third Edition.


“IQ UNKNOWN – How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World” provides an intriguing perspective on the future advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Discussing the various paths humanity might follow in its own evolution as it learns to live side-by-side with another form of intelligence to rival our own.

Navigating the challenges and opportunities we face as we move towards artificial general intelligence will shape how humanity evolves and potentially determine if the human race will survive future global events such as climate change, the energy crisis, the aging & growing population, food shortages, wars and future pandemics.

This book reflects on how technology and artificial intelligence is changing rapidly, and suggests various approaches we need to help us make the right decisions in what and how we build the intelligent tools, applications and systems – especially important as they become more capable and intelligent.

Now in its Second Edition


The Essential Skills for Working With Artificial Intelligence

Discover new skills, expand your knowledge and build your confidence through this fascinating and accessible guide to working with AI.

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our everyday lives. But it remains an elusive, complex and intimidating technology that has hundreds of iterations and nuances. With Confident AI, build your confidence when working with AI by learning the fundamentals and discovering the intricacies of the industry.

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Professor Andy Pardoe has had a lifelong interest in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. An international keynote speaker, author, thought leader and futurist on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. In 2017, he was listed by IBM Watson in the Top 30 AI Influencers globally, and Expert Advisor to the British Government’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence.
He is credited as an expert advisor to the AI film documentary called, We Need to Talk about AI, released by Universal Pictures in 2020. Andy is also the co-author of the AI Book and 60 Leaders in AI. He is chair of the Deep Tech Innovation Centre part of the Warwick Innovation District at Warwick University.

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